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Retractable Baby Gate is better than expected

“I wanted to share how much I LOVE this product! I was searching and searching for something that would fit the large opening to our living room from the hall way. The only things I could find would have closed the large opening and left me with only a small 'pass through' area. When I found Retract-A-Gate, I was THRILLED and hoped it would be as great as I was imagining.

It's been all that and more! Our little guy just started crawling, but I installed it about a week before he was truly mobile. It has served us perfectly! It is soft enough for him to touch and 'hit' his head against (stopping power with the crawling is a work in progress, smile) without me having to worry about metal/wood bars. But it is secure enough that I do not have to worry about him getting out of the safe areas. I close it and don't give it a second thought; that alone is priceless!

We ordered extra brackets and have a set so we can close off the living room during regular play time or can block off the top of the stairs for safety--with ONE GATE, that is REMOVEABLE and inconspicuous! Couldn't ask for a more versatile product.

Safety child gate testimonials at Retract-A-Gate

Retract-a-Gate keeps Grady
from tumbling down the stairs

Our dog is sweet, but he's hyper when new people come over. I am able to close it off and get him to calm down before someone enters our home. The fact that I don't have to shuffle someone at the door, our son, AND the dog is wonderful! THANK YOU for a quality product! Everyone who sees it LOVES it, and I have already recommended it to several people I know and will continue to do so!”
Lisa H.

Safety gate which is out of the way when not needed

“We love Retract-A-Gate as it fits perfectly in the corner out of the way. It is not big and bulky like so many of the other baby gates. Thank you so much. I am glad we found your product!”
Jen V.

Retract-A-Gate recommended to other moms

“We installed Retract-A-Gate at the top of the stairs on our outdoor decking; I was so impressed by its strength and discreet design that I sent out a recommendation to the "Highlands Mummies" listserve - a group of mums over 1,000 strong! I hope they find the product as amazing as my husband and I do. Good luck.”
Nikki S.

Going strong after a year of child care use

“I purchased this gate about a year ago. I wanted to wait until I "tested" it, over time, before recommending it to others. I LOVE it! I do family child care in my home and watch 6 children. My pressure gate was always falling down and I had to store it on weekends. Your gate has held up so well and it has made my life much easier! I recommend it to other home care providers.”
Barbara B.

Safety child gate testimonials at Retract-A-Gate

The mesh is nice and
soft for me to touch

Upscale looking baby gate

“Your retractable baby gate is fantastic. It was easy to install, looks nice, and retracts easily. It was perfectly suited for our needs. We needed a good baby gate for our twins since they move almost as fast as I can!”
Wendy B.

Very easy to use retractable baby gate

“I love the way there's no button to hold in while unwinding and winding like the other gate we have. Thanks again.”
Tom W.

Daycare Center recommended child safety gate

“I think your gate is the BEST on the market. I have a home daycare and care for 12 infants and toddlers a day. My staff of three and I go through Retract-A-Gate about 50 times a day, five days a week. It is a very good gate. I have four hard plastic gates, two wooden gates and your retractable gate. I will buy another Retract-A-Gate from you soon to replace one of my other gates. I do think for most applications it is absolutely the BEST gate on the market.”
Elizabeth G.

Baby gates blend well with our decor

“We installed both gates and I must say Retract-A-Gate is really a nice color. The Café Latte color blends in well with the surroundings, and is not as noticeable as other white gates we've had in the past. I'm so happy with Retract-A-Gate that I plan to purchase another gate as a baby shower gift for a friend.”
Missy B.

Not unsightly or hard to install

“Thank you, to the folks at Retract-A-Gate! Our gates have arrived and my husband just installed them at the top and bottom of our stairs. These gates are a lifesaver! No hard to install, unsightly baby gates for us! These are discreet, and very well built. They were installed in record time, and are so easy to use. Our 9 month old daughter and 2 year old Golden Retriever are each kept safe and sound and out of trouble. And how brilliant to be able to move these around with extra brackets and clips! Genius! Thanks for developing such a great product!”
Anne H.

Great service and a great retractable baby gate

“A BIG thanks to your customer service. You replied quickly to my emails and addressed our questions instantly. Thank you so much for your help, your service is outstanding! And we love the retractable gates! They work perfectly for our 10 month old daughter and our big furry dog. Most especially for our daughter who is crawling faster and faster each day. Thank you again!”
Dave P.

Safety baby gate testimonials at Retract-A-Gate

"I guess I won't be
sneaking out tonight

Happy with quality and ease-of-use

“I have been using the Retract-A-Gate for about 6 months. This is the most effective, best-designed and built, and easiest-to-use child safety gate that I have ever experienced. It operates easily with one hand, leaving the other free to manage the child or do whatever else needs to be done concurrently with operating the gate. Thank you for the excellent product ... keep up the good work!”
Guy T., Grandfather of Cian

Highly recommended stair gate

“We got our gate installed at the top of the stairs today for our 8 month old daughter and love it! We are going to order another one for the familyroom/kitchen doorway and extra brackets for the bottom of the stairs so we can use the 1 gate between top & bottom stairs! I am also emailing all of my new mommy friends to let them know we feel this gate is definitely worth it!! Thanks for a great product!”
Janet W. (Caroline's Mum)

Best retractable baby gate on the market

“I love my Retract-A-Gate! It was easy to install and looks great. Best of all, I can open and close it with one hand which is important since I'm usually carrying my child. The gate is very slim and takes up a small amount of space when retracted. We had a retractable gate by a different company that was very hard to operate and install. The Retract-A-Gate is a HUGE improvement over the other brand! Customer service was great. They responded to my order quickly and shipping was fast. We love our Retract-A-Gate so much that now we own three of them. Thanks for providing such an awesome product.”
Pam S.

Thanks for the installation advice

“I wanted to thank you for the gates. Installation was fast and easy, and the mechanism is easy enough for my 4.5 year old to open and close (that's a good thing for us). Anyway, thanks for taking the time to look at our pictures and make your recommendations. It's working out nicely.”
Dafna A.

Ode to Retract-A-Gate

Oh, how we love our Retract-A-Gate,
To you, this poem, we dedicate.
We praise you for your product design
For it has given us peace of mind.
Now, our stair-steps are blocked away
And my son is safe throughout the day.
He was sneaking up the steps at such quick speed.
For a proper gate, we were in desperate need.
I searched the internet high and low.
And found some gates that were just so-so.
But then, behold, I found Retract-A-Gate”
And everything seemed to be first rate.
We measured, re-measured, and debated a bit
Then said, Hey, let’s just order it!
We have to say that we are quite impressed-
This gate truly stands above all the rest.
It’s easy to use, and blends in real well
And when it is locked, it is easy to tell.
But the most important point of all-
The gate protects my boy, who is still quite small.
Thanks for your product; for making it great;
Every home should have a Retract-A-Gate!

An Original Poem by J.E.M. - Jonah and Andrew’s Mum