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Retractable Dimensions and Specs overview

Baby gate specification diagram at Retract-A-Gate.

Retract-A-Gate Specifications:

  • The mesh is 86cm tall and the reel portion stands 97cm
  • Two models to choose from covering up to 132cm or 183cm wide
  • Withstands up to a 100kg push out force
  • Safe and secure hardware mounted safety gate; not pressure mounted
  • For toddlers and children 6 months through 24 months
  • Most doors will still be able to close with the mounting hardware and gate in place
  • Available in two colors: Café and White
  • UV resistant for outdoor use (not in freezing temps)
  • Professionally tested and certified for the top or bottom of stairs by the JPMA
  • The clear brackets mount at about 8cm and 79cm off the floor. The horizontal distance between brackets must be identical

Banister Adapter Specifications:

  • Attaches with straps and requires no screws to be put into the post or spindle
  • 8cm wide x 3cm deep by 91cm tall or 122cm tall (two models to choose from)
  • Adaptable to fit most stair posts or spindles (both wood and wrought iron)
  • Fits round or square posts
  • Straps are 81cm long; fit up to 18cm square posts

Wall Spacer Specifications:

  • Thickness: 16mm
  • Width: 6cm
  • Height: 3cm
  • Pre-drilled screw holes are spaced just over 5cm apart

Drywall Anchor Specifications:

  • Heavy duty steel drywall anchor
  • For use on 9.5mm to 15mm thick wallboard