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Testimonials Dog Gate

Safety dog gate testimonials at Retract-A-Gate.

Retract-A-Gate keeps me from
annoying the chauffeur
in my Motor Home

Retract-A-Gate for a Motor home

"I have found the Retract-A-Gate to be the best pet gate for keeping dogs out of the driver's seat (see photo of Greg, our Italian Spinone). We wanted a gate that was easy to install and one that would not take up much room. This was the perfect one for our motor home; we spent days looking for the right one. Retract-A-Gate is the perfect gate for keeping our dogs where they belong. Thanks a bunch; you have a very good product!"
Chuck & Sharon R.

People friendly dog gate, great for high traffic areas

"I have been using two Retract-A-Gates for three months. They are super strong, very easy to install and use, and when locked, nothing can get through them. When I purchased them, I was looking for a replacement for our metal gates. The metal gates were easy to open and close, but very difficult to remove in order to move furniture through the doorway. Also, the metal gates have a bar above the floor running the width of the gate. Everyone in the family and just about everyone visiting got their toes caught under the bar. Upon receiving the Retract-A-Gates, I was impressed with the construction and the durability of the material. I installed them in two doorways to keep the animals in the kitchen and family room. They were super simple to install; also it is very easy to open and close the gate, which is important, for one doorway is a high traffic area. Thank you for designing a gate not only made for the animals, but also people friendly."
Edward R., PhD

Safety gate with a nice neutral color and low profile

"Hi, I just want to say thank you for the perfect gate for our home. There is no other product like this one! It works beautifully to separate our family room from the rest of the house so our pets can be confined in one room during the day when we are at work. It looks great, the Café color is perfect and it was easy to install and use. It is barely noticeable when it is open, which I love. I hated the idea of a big, ugly gate in our house. I am so glad I found your website! Thank you again for solving a huge problem for us!"
Rhonda G.

Great customer service for this outdoor porch gate

"We recently purchased a Retract-A-Gate and we love it. We looked a long time for an outdoor safety gate for our porch and this was perfect. I just wanted to tell you that your service was fantastic. I ordered it Thursday evening and it arrived on Monday. It looks and works great; I wish I had found it a long time ago. We use it to keep our golden retriever on the front porch. It not only keeps our retriever safe, but it is easy to open and close."
Tim A.

Retractable Safety Gate is better than expected

“I wanted to share how much I LOVE this product! I was searching and searching for something that would fit the large opening to our living room from the hallway. The only things I could find would have closed the large opening and left me with only a small 'pass through' area. When I found Retract-A-Gate, I was THRILLED and hoped it would be as great as I was imagining.

It's been all that and more! Our little guy just started crawling, but I installed it about a week before he was truly mobile. It has served us perfectly! The mesh is soft enough for him to touch and 'hit' his head against (stopping power with the crawling is a work in progress, smile) without me having to worry about metal/wood bars. But it is secure enough that I do not have to worry about him getting out of the safe areas. I close it and don't give it a second thought; that alone is priceless!

Our dog is sweet, but he's hyper when new people come over. I am able to close it off and get him to calm down before someone enters our home. The fact that I don't have to shuffle someone at the door, our son, AND the dog is wonderful!

THANK YOU for a quality product! Everyone who sees it LOVES it, and I have already recommended it to several people I know and will continue to do so!”
Lisa H

Safety dog gate testimonials at Retract-A-Gate

Stop looking at the camera,
let's play ball

Versatile dog gate is perfect solution

“I just wanted to personally tell you how pleased I am with my Retract-A-Gate. I was impressed with how fast it got here, and I am beyond impressed with your product and how versatile it is. I was so frustrated trying to find something that would fit the weird opening I have between my kitchen and family room. Not only did I find the perfect gate, but I also found an affordable one. The fact that it is retractable is a huge plus. You guys are awesome, and I will be sending plenty more business your way!”
Rachel M.

Retract-A-Gate fits odd angles

“I am so thrilled to finally have gates that fit my oddly angled and oddly spaced walls that I can't thank you enough for this product. I have tried several types of gates only to have to return them. I was also pleased with how easy they were to install. I will recommend your product to anyone I come across who is searching for a gate. Thank you, thank you!”
Chris B.

Easy to use retractable dog gate

“As pet owners, we have found Retract-A-Gate to be just what we were looking for. Its simple, one-handed operation lets us access the second floor easily while keeping our two dogs and cat on the main floor.”
The Andersons

Simple one-handed flawless operation

“We received our Retract-A-Gate promptly. It was easy to install and has been working flawlessly. I love the one handed operation and the fact that I can circle the gate around the puppy holding her back while I walk through the gate. I thought surely she would try to burrow under the gate, but so far she hasn't. I also have a 6 month old grandson and this gate pens him in, when he visits. Great product!”
Melinda T.

Safety child gate testimonials at Retract-A-Gate

Moose won't be shedding on the
bedding thanks to Retract-A-Gate

One retractable safety gate works for TWO locations

“I received my new Retract-A-Gate yesterday and installed it in the primary location this morning. The installation was very easy and the gate works like a CHARM! I am particularly happy with it as I have installed it in a location across a diagonal opening from one wall corner to another. It works PERFECTLY and has created a perfect gating set-up for my needs. I also purchased extra brackets for an alternate location across a doorway. THANKS so much!”
Lynda R.

Your retractable pet gate works where others have failed

“I received the two retractable pet gates I ordered from you yesterday, WOW such fast shipping!!! They were very easy to install; your instructions are right on the money. We have three small dogs that we bought these for. I installed one to keep them all contained in our kitchen. Our most troublesome dog is a Chihuahua/Italian greyhound mix. She likes to make mistakes on carpets. She has jumped over every other gate we have installed in the past. For whatever reason, this one has foiled all of her efforts to get out. She tried digging at it, getting under it and so far cannot jump over it. It is higher than all of our other gates and I think she doesn't like the texture of the netting. Hooray, we thank you so much for this great product!!!! Our house thanks you too!”
Cathy W.

Thanks for the good quality retractable safety gate

“I received the gate and installed it in the doorway and found that it is of very good quality. This gate is fantastic! It has a clean installation and is neat, rugged and functions very nicely. Worth every penny! The only other gate like this I found required the user to wind the gate back by hand. Your Retract-A-Gate is smartly engineered! Thank you for a great product.”
Dan B.

Easy to follow directions; love the gate

“I recently purchased the Retract-A-Gate and banister kits; it's much better than expected! directions were great; we absolutely LOVE IT!! We are so pleased.”
Mary Ann W.

Gate which is durable and easy to use

“Thanks for the best dog gate ever! I have 3 Greyhounds and their room is between the kitchen and the garage. I keep the garage door open for air circulation and it is a heavily used entrance/exit. The room is also 2 steps down from the garage. No other dog door was practical; this one is fantastic and so easy to use. I can leave the door open with the gate in place when I leave and since the dogs can now see me they no longer jump and scratch at the door. The mesh is still perfect even though they occasionally get excited and have jumped up and scratched it. This gate is well worth the money. Convenience, quality, and prompt delivery. Thanks again for making my life easier!”
Robin G.

Safety dog gate testimonials at Retract-A-Gate

Golly! I can't even walk, yet,
Rosco can dance with two left feet!

Scratch resistant dog and cat gate

“I originally bought these Retract-A-Gate gates for my son but it has actually worked wonders for my cat and dog. My cat has a habit (or should I say 'had') of going to our bedroom door and meowing until we let her in. Now I put up the gates at night and she can't jump over them. It keeps her away from my bedroom door and I can sleep great! She hasn't tried to claw the gates but it says it is scratch-resistant and I can see that the material is very sturdy and it's a nice Café color, so very neutral. I'd highly recommend it.”