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Safety gate which is out of the way when not needed

“We love Retract-A-Gate as it fits perfectly in the corner out of the way. It is not big and bulky like so many of the other safety gates. Thank you so much. I am glad we found your product!”
Jen V.

Safety child gate testimonials at Retract-A-Gate.

Lhars won't be stealing food
from the kitchen table anymore

Easy to use retractable cat gate

“As pet owners, we have found Retract-A-Gate to be just what we were looking for. Its simple, one-handed operation lets us access the second floor easily while keeping our pets on the main floor.”
The Andersons

Thanks for the good quality safety gate

“I received the gate and installed it in the doorway and found that it is of very good quality. This gate is fantastic! It has a clean installation and is neat, rugged and functions very nicely. Worth every penny! The only other gate like this I found required the user to wind the gate back by hand. Your Retract-A-Gate is smartly engineered! Thank you for a great product.”
Dan B.

Scratch and claw resistant retractable cat gate

“We were looking for a retractable screen type mesh gate to keep our cats out of the kitchen at night. We never thought we would find a safety gate that worked with cats, and were a little skeptical at first. We love the fact that we can now keep our cats out of the kitchen and off the stove. Our three big male cats couldn't damage the Retract-A-Gate fabric with their claws or their teeth. This is tough stuff--and it looks great!”
Melissa & Steve M.

An affordable safety barrier that even works for angled openings

“I just wanted to personally tell you how pleased I am with my Retract -A-Gate. I was impressed with how fast it got here, and I am beyond impressed with your product and how versatile it is. I was so frustrated trying to find something that would fit the weird opening I have between my kitchen and family room. Not only did I find the perfect gate, but I also found an affordable one. The fact that it is retractable is a huge plus. You guys are awesome, and I will be sending plenty more business your way!”
Rachel M.

One retractable safety gate works for TWO locations

“I received my new Retract-A-Gate yesterday and installed it in the primary location this morning. The installation was very easy and the gate works like a CHARM! I am particularly happy with it as I have installed it in a location across a diagonal opening from one wall corner to another. It works PERFECTLY and has created a perfect gating set-up for my needs. I also purchased extra brackets for an alternate location across a doorway. THANKS so much!”
Lynda R.

Safety child gate testimonials at Retract-A-Gate

Frazier gets in touch with his
inner owl at his owner's B&B

Retract-A-Gate fits odd angles

“I am so thrilled to finally have gates that fit my oddly angled and oddly spaced walls that I can't thank you enough for this product. I have tried several types of gates only to have to return them. I was also pleased with how easy they were to install. I will recommend your product to anyone I come across who is searching for a gate. Thank you!”
Chris B.

Amazing gate and service

“I wanted to let you know I got my gate up... AND I LOVE IT!! Your gate is simply a phenomenon. Thank you so much. Your website was friendly, service is outstanding, and the gate is amazing.”
Vicki M.

Safety child gate testimonials at Retract-A-Gate

Mariah loves bird watching on
the patio

Living adjustment made easy

“I recently moved from ten acres in the woods to an in-town apartment complex. My indoor/outdoor cat had to adapt. I tried to find a way to enclose my patio so we could both sit outside together. I was thrilled to discover the Retract-A-Gate online, and the longer width was a perfect fit. When I showed all my friends, they said my cat would jump over. So far she hasn't and she is very pleased with her outdoor space.”
Peg C.

Safety gate with a nice neutral color and low profile

“Hi, I just want to say thank you for the perfect gate for our home. There is no other product like this one! It works beautifully to separate our family room from the rest of the house so our pets can be confined in one room during the day when we are at work. It looks great, the Café color is perfect and it was easy to install and use. It is barely noticeable when it is open, which I love. I hated the idea of a big, ugly gate in our house. I am so glad I found your website! Thank you again for solving a huge problem for us!”
Rhonda G.

Dependable and secure safety gate

“Thank You! Thank You! For making such a wonderful product! I searched all over the internet for an easy to use gate for the top of our stairs. Your product is the safest, easiest to use and installs very quickly! We love our new gate. I tell everyone I know about how great this gate is. Thank you for making such a dependable product!”
Jenn W.

Scratch resistant dog and cat gate

“I originally bought these Retract-A-Gate gates for my son but it has actually worked wonders for my cat and dog.

My cat has a habit (or should I say 'had') of going to our bedroom door and meowing until we let her in. Now I put up the gates at night and she can't jump over them. It keeps her away from my bedroom door and I can sleep great!

She hasn't tried to claw the gates but it says it is scratch-resistant and I can see that the material is very sturdy and it's a nice Café color, so very neutral. I'd highly recommend it.”